×Satan's Death Trap×

My heart breaks with every stroke of the blade; blood trickling down my wrists, down my thighs, down my ankles. The tears don't stop, they keep rolling down my cheek with every thought of you. Why can't I stop? Why can't I just accept that I'm worthless and weak? I can't do anything right; I can't keep these thoughts away, I can't keep the demons out, instead I feel as if I invite them to stay. I try to take control but I really just destroy myself more. With every new day, I become more and more torn up inside and the pain is becoming unbearable.

I can’t believe i found this message. God, I miss him so much, i wish he would just come back because i seriously can’t cope without him v.v He always told me everything would be ok. I always believed him but look where it got me now.
I still love you though.